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Aloe vera ecológico natural de Cabo de gata


ALVEFRESH is a young dynamic company in the South of Spain that dedicated to the innovative project of transforming aloe vera leaves into juice. Our main objective is to ensure high quality and freshness of the organic juice and gel obtained from the natural aloe vera plants grown in Almeria.

Our factory

We produce aloe vera in bulk for the food and cosmetics industries, packaged in different formats and qualities such as; filtered and ultra-filtered organic juice and gel, pasteurised or frozen, and also the frozen fillets. Our factory is located less than an hour away from the aloe vera plantations, which means that it maintains its freshness and properties at the time of processing.

Fábrica de aloe vera AlveFresh


Commitment and responsibility

Valores de bebida aloe vera ecológico


Producing products of quality

Aloe vera natural investigación


Serving nature

Gel de Aloe vera ecológico
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Our quality department is made up of a team with more than 20 years of experience, which carries out a comprehensive control of the traceability of the product from the raw material in the field to processing and packaging in the factory, and carries out analyses on a regular basis in our laboratory.



Aloe vera juice is considered a natural “superfood” that helps improve health and reduce the risk of contracting diseases. It is
rich in polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Aloe vera juice


Aloe vera is a fundamental element in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry where it is used in a variety of applications. Aloe Vera as a versatile product is suitable for all hair and skin types, which makes it an important component of natural cosmetics.

Natural Aloe vera Gel


A wide variety of sizes and types of packaging are available to maintain the freshness of the products and to adapt to all our customers’ needs.

Aloe vera envasado


Almeria is considered the vegetable and fruit garden of Europe: a true agricultural hotspot. This place offers the totality of technical means, services and facilities necessary for the development of our activity. Thanks to the already long-existing agricultural sector here in our region, we are connected to an existing, expanded, and developed transportation
Infrastructure network that allows us to provide you with fresh products within a few days throughout all of Europe.

Exportación de aloe vera natural


Aloe vera ecológico
In our endeavor to continue growing and improving, we are launching our own brand of aloe vera juice and gel, ‘Sanum Aloe.’ Produced from organic leaves, we are committed to completely natural products that heal and regenerate in harmony with nature and authenticity.


Quality Control

Headquarters Avda. Federico García Lorca 47, 1º-2, 04004 Almería, Factory Calle Guadalquivir nº28, Polígono Ind. Benahadux, 04410 Almería, España
Tel: +(34) 950 244 144

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    Our clients are aware of the quality of Alvefresh’s services, see where we are located.

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